Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Losyen Mustajab Pati Halia

The information on the box of the lotion states:

1. Sangat sesuai bagi tujuan urutan di seluruh badan dengan memecahkan dan membuang angin-angin di dalam badan (very suitable for use in massaging the whole body by breaking and expelling wind in the body)

2. Ia juga boleh memecahkan lemak di dalam badan dan menjadikan bentuk badan lebih langsing (It can also break up fats in the body making the body more slender)

3. Membantu mengatasi masalah selulit (Helps to overcome cellulite problems)

4. Membantu mengatasi sakit perut akibat senggugut (Helps to overcome stomachace resulting from menstrual pain)

5. Sesuai untuk ibu yang lepas bersalin (Suitable for mothers who have just given birth)

6. Sakit otot dan sendi (muscles and joint pain)

7. Kembung perut dan sakit belakang (Stomach bloatiness and back pain)

It is:
- Tidak berminyak (Non oily)
- Mudah menyerap (Easily absorbed)
- Untuk kegunaan luaran sahaja (For external use only)
- Sesuai untuk seisi keluarga (Suitable for the entire family)
- Jauhi dari kanak-kanak (Keep out of reach of children)
- Tidak sesuai untuk bayi (Not suitable for babies)

Actually my sister-in-law (SIL) who was using the product introduced it to me and I have found it to be somewhat effective in No.2, 4 and 7. I have not noticed any significant improvement in my celullite. I have not applied it to any sore muscles to test its efficacy. I did not use this product immediately after giving birth either.

A word of precaution. The first time I applied it (around my stomach, waist and back areas) it felt really hot, like a burning sensation (from the menthol in the ingredients, I guess), especially if you really take the time to massage it in and not just slap it on like normal body lotion. But after a few applications, it's either the menthol has escaped from the tube (hehe does that happen?) or you just get used to it and it no longer feels as hot as the first time. I guess feeling the heat actually makes people feel convinced that it is functioning. So, because of this, be careful when applying it, not to get it near any "sensitive" area(s). And after applying do wash your hands before touching your lips (to apply lip balm) or eyes and especially before touching young kids. The lotion is white in color with the slightest hint of orange and does not stain clothing.

The other thing that hits me is the smell of ginger. It's pretty strong. So if you don't want to let anyone know you're using it, then it's best to use at night before sleep, and not walk around the living room or office after that. Otherwise someone might quip, "eh, what smell is that ah?". Hehe. I only use it once a day, at night before bed. Mustajab also has a lime flavoured lotion (limau purut), which functions similarly to this. I've not tried it because it was out of stock at the time.

Ingredients: Ginger oil, aqua, lemongrass oil (cymbopogon schoenanthus), 1-Hexadecanol, glycerine, grape seed oil (vitis venefera), glyceril stearatete, acefylline methylsilanol mannuronate, methyl salicylate, triethanolamine, carbomer, menthol, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, CI 19140

Results: I've noticed that my waist is no longer as "thick". I don't know is it due to the lotion or because I've started doing some sit ups and toning exercises as well. Maybe a combination of the two? This was in the middle of using the first tube. I am now on my 2nd tube. I do use it liberally, and massage it around til it has been absorbed. Also, I feel that I experienced less back pains, especially when nearing my period. I rubbed it onto the base of my backbone as well. I also use it on my thighs (occasionally only when I'm not lazy) and nowhere else.

Price: Retails at B$9 for a 130ml tube at all Mestari Jaya counters (there's one near Hotmart in Kiulap, inside Giant and Perindustrian Beribi) and I've seen it at Supasave Beribi (near the medicine area), for B$11.xx (can't remember exactly).

Would I continue to use it? Yes. I might want to try the lime one next.

Rating: 9/10 (point deducted for the strong ginger smell)


  1. I didn't know you were doing situps and toning! I'm kiasu, ketinggalan already leh!

    Personally, I always link slimming products to their prices. So $9 seems to be rather...questionable :) But if it works, hey that would be the first thing I'll start importing!

    Btw, great posts. You're super quick, for a day's job! I would recommend grading too, outta 10.

  2. Oooh good idea to put a grading. Will do that. Hahaha..well sit ups also occasionally nia, now have somewhat become lazy. Actually using the lotion and seeing some initial changes was what motivated me to do some supplementary exercises to boost its effects. And actually for a $9 lotion, it functions much the same as a more pricey one. Some more pricey lotion I have used also gives the same results, in that the result does not increase with the price. So why pay more when you can see some results for a smaller price. And you can continue to keep using it as it is more affordable to upkeep. hehe.

  3. Actually, from what I "did" in the past *hint hint*, they needed a very pedas or simulating thing, to burn/melt/break the fats beneath your skin layer. Flo told me before her centre then, uses chilli paste or sumthing around that. So this ginger thing you mentioned, since its should be kinda burning too, should works the same, technically. Do lemme know the progress after say, 1-2 mths.

  4. Actually, Bey, I HAVE used this product for around 2-3 months now hence the results that I mentioned. Even using it in the first month can see some changes. I've used Elancyl products before and noticed the same results. But Elancyl costs about 4 times more hehehe. It's not major difference but you do notice a difference especially if you try to control your diet intake as well. That coupled with light sit ups makes the effect more lasting than let's say just use the lotion without making any additional efforts at all on your side. I specifically just target my waist/tummy area though as that was the area I can see the most difference.

  5. Hello Spud seems this article is a little older but still hope to be of help.For the last years I am working on natural effective cosmetic products that to clear one thing from the start.

    The ingredients you describe are helpful as the ginger oil is probably causing the heat effect. Certain ingredients I do not know why they are in there or have to be in there.

    For the effect/results you want you can also or maybe even better use a very good product with a high percentage of ginger oil. Ginger stimulates also Fat burning. For the cellulite first of all massaging the product is important and if you want a real good result you could use a tee or coffee based cream. We have developed some coffee based scrub and gels for the home use as well. But sorry we do not export to Brunei ....yet